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R Associates Incorporated (RAI) is a privately-held Houston-based firm that focuses on the compute needs of the Oil & Gas, Entertainment, Healthcare and Education markets. The company covers everything from the Data Center down to the client and most solutions in between. For over 30 years, our DNA has been made of High Performance Computing (HPC), GPU performance clusters, powerful server farms and the associated high-end engineering workstations. However, we bring several other solutions to the IT infrastructure and computing environments our customers operate, bringing expertise in the following areas:

 Cluster Solutions: delivering high performance clusters to meet the most demanding compute needs

Enterprise Storage: extremely fast big data platforms running from 250K to over 1M IOPS

Performance Workstations: speed, computing power and efficiency in very flexible configuration options

GPU/Xeon Phi Computing: specialized, computational solutions using processing performance at 1/10th the cost

 Networking: planning and engineering the backbone of customer connectivity

 Managed IT Services: from basic help desk to onsite support, with hosting and data backup

When choosing your partner, remember that RAI as a skilled system integrator will use our over 30 years of expertise to custom configure solutions to the exact specifications you desire. We pride ourselves on being solution- and customer-focused. We are confident in our ability to deliver. We can customize any solution into an offer that exceeds your expectations. And, we stand behind everything we sell. Please call us at 800-635-0909 or email to sales@r-associates.com.


     Let R Associates Inc. solve your next IT issues, we can present answers to the most complex problems.

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